Exercise 1.3: How personal do you want your sketchbook to be? To hide, or not to hide?

Where do you stand on how personal a sketchbook should be?

I think you should have a few sketchbooks. Two for university work and one personal that no-one ever sees, almost like a diary. The two for university should include: one small A5 sketchbook for outdoor sketching in public places without drawing attention to me and the other for sketching at home with a larger area to work on as you are working from a desk. The third book would be private and for my eyes only, maybe I’ll sketch my interests or want to practice a new style that may turn out wrong and embarrass me so I’d rather keep it secret. I may also add my emotions into the private one to get things off my mind.

Do you want to reveal your soul or just comment about your ideas or your images?

I would want to reveal my soul to an extent in the two university sketchbooks as when I just commented about my ideas and images in my previous sketchbook in the last unit it felt really cold and not very ‘sketchbook-y’ at all. I want to really open up in these sketchbooks. The third one would really reveal my soul but no-one would ever see it.

Ways I could hide the books, or some of the information contained in the books:

Physically in pockets or envelopes or stitched together to never be seen again unless you purposefully cut the threads. You could even cut up the drawings into small pieces and scatter them amongst other work on various pages of the sketchbook so you can never fully work out what the draw is of unless you were to cut the pieces from the pages and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Book structures that hide elements Pinterest board – credit : Emma Powell:

My 3D test mock up designs:

I am happy with my 3D mock-up designs. The drawing/booklets fit really well in the envelopes. As these 3D envelopes are so small I think I can even fit them in my sketchbook I’m going to make for assignment one. I will stick them in so they are hidden but easily accessable.

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