Exercise 4.3: Conversations With Pictures – Interpretation

For this exercise, I need to review and select a few images from my previous sketchbooks and interpret them in the following ways:

Return to the following exercises:

  1. Exercise 3.2: Working with External Visual Impetus – People
  2. Exercise 3.2 Continued: Crowd Drawings
  3. Exercise 3.4: Interpretation and Communication; suppose we make it different?
  4. Assignment 3: Illustrative People and Places

Add speech bubbles as a way of showing what the characters ‘may be thinking’:

Redrafting my chosen sketch:

Write a letter to someone from one of my characters in my sketches. Think about the paper quality, tone, and format to best suit who the letter is from.

I decided to write a letter from the old lady in the park (from my Exercise 3.2 Continued: Crowd Drawings). I did it on Gmail and make the text large like a lot of elderly people do these days, especially when communicating with family members who live in different parts of the world. As the old lady was alone in the park when I sketched her for my exercise, I decided to write her letter as if she was writing to her daughter. The names and story are completely fictional. I just took inspiration from elderly people’s conversations that I have heard when out on a walk etc.

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