Exercise 6: Exercises in Style

For this exercise, I was asked to find a photo that I like and want to draw from. I have to find a photo with figures, buildings and a lot of detail.

My chosen photo:

Children playing in the sand on the beach at Eastbourne in the 18th century

This is a historical photo of Eastbourne Pier taken in the 18th Century. I found it on the ITV website, people had sent in their photos of their memories of Eastbourne Pier after the Pier burnt down on 30th July 2014.


Next, I printed out my photo at A4 size and traced it using tracing paper. I then needed to make 10 photocopies of my traced drawing.

Finally, I need to ink or colour in my ten copies so that they are all as different as possible in style and materials. I decided on the following materials:

  1. Graphite pencil
  2. Pro-Markers
  3. Acrylic Paint
  4. Paper Collage
  5. Fineliner
  6. Charcoal
  7. Ink
  8. Watercolours
  9. Crayons
  10. Soft Pastels

My ten outcomes:

All of them together:


I found this exercise helpful to see how using different materials can change the outcome and feel of the image. It was interesting to see what materials worked best with my chosen image. My favourite outcomes were the graphite pencil and the charcoal one, I think this shows how much of an illustrator/animator student I am, the fact that I only feel comfortable with neat materials/tools. I asked my mum which one she preferred and she said the pro-marker one, as she thought the bold colours really worked with the photo.

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