Tutor Feedback for Part 1: Everyday Sketchbooks

My feedback from the tutor report:

I decided to mark out everything that I wanted to improve on and develop using my blue sticky notes so that it was easy to see what I needed to do without writing being all over the place and highlighters messing up the printed black ink.

First on my list is to incorporate the use of rainbow (pride) colours through my book to expand on the pride colour theme on the outside of the sketchbook, I wanted this to be simple but easy to understand so I just added coloured lines on each page starting with red though to magenta.

Second on my list; My tutor asks the question “was the drawing style inspired by Danny Gregory” my answer is “yes, I liked how flow-y and non-perfect his art style is, he just jotted down whatever was in front of him and I wanted to try this out myself as I have a tendency for my art to be to neat”.

Thirdly I wanted to try and staple together my three panels so that they became unaccessible to anyone including me afterwards to show what I want hidden as part of the exercise: how personal do you want your sketchbook to be? But after some thought about this I realised that I do not want to hide anything in my sketchbooks so I will do be doing this as that shows I want to hide things!

Forth on the list I took my tutors advice and decided to turn my pockets in the back of the sketchbook into confidential CSI pockets as a response to the same exercise: how personal do you want your sketchbook to be?

Fifth on my list I wanted to make ‘L’ shapes so that I can frame sections of pages properly in future projects, I am going to buy some quality card and make these so you will see these when I photograph my process in future projects.

For the sixth item on my list I need to answer this question: “You mention Rizograph printing as a process, what other process materials and techniques are you inspired to try?” My answer: “I want to try many other processes and techniques whilst on this course so can’t pinpoint what other ones I would like to try right now, I am in the process of researching other processes and techniques to try right now”.

I need to remember to use the Harvard referencing system from now on!

Lastly I need to look at buying some of the books listed as advised by my tutor.

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