Assignment 1: Recording and Sharing your work

For my first assignment I have been asked to produce a sketchbook on the theme of the everyday. I will build on the work I have already produced in my research tasks and exercises.

I wanted to try and make my own sketchbook to use for this assignment so that I can record ‘the everyday’ in it. To start I folded and cut up A3 sheets of paper from an existing sketchbook so that I had my pages.

Next I measured two bits of card (from a previous A3 sketchbook cover) against the size of my sketchbook pages and added 5cm’s to each side so the cover protects the pages on all sides.

I then used a hole-punch to create uniform holes so that all the pages were neat and straight, I then hole-punched the card that I used to make the two covers. Next I found some wool that I use for knitting and decided to use that because it was strong enough to hold all the pages together with still a bit of room for movement to open the cover and pages.

I finally got bored of the pink cover so I decided to colour it and make it happier. I chose rainbow colours as my ‘everyday’ consists of a lot of colour as I am a very colourful person also I thought it was relevant as I made it in Pride Month! I have placed the sketchbook close to my hand to show the size comparison like I have done in previous exercises.

As a way of reflecting on my experiences when producing my sketchbook for assignment one I will be making a short video narrative.

‘The Everyday’ – (my video narrative) script below, I couldn’t fit in all the narration into this video and got self conscious!:


“This is my sketchbook for assignment one: entitled ‘the everyday’. 

I decided to add my mini sample handmade sketchbook prototype from exercise 1 so you can see the actual size of it in comparison to my A5 sketchbook. 

The first thing I do when I get up is have a coffee so I wanted to show this on my first page. 

Then I check the weather on my phone which I know is really stupid as I have a window right next to my bed! The sunshine can be so bright when you wake up I decided to colour in the lights from the windows using a yellow highlighter to show how bright it is.

Next is breakfast, that she can see I decided to continue the use of the yellow highlighter throughout the sketchbook as I thought it really made the pages pop and certain aspects to stand out. I have also stuck on actual food packaging of what I normally consume. 

When I was drawing in the sketchbook I was looking for work so at home everyday especially because of COVID so my daily routine looks like that of a housewife. Next on my list are the chores including cooking and cleaning, all the cleaning products have such bold colours that I decided to colour them in using similar coloured highlighters. 

After that I have a number of hours per week to complete my uni work so I wanted to capture me doing this work. I wanted to show an image within an image of me working on my sketchbook.

Next I spent time with my Bengal/Tabby cat Tilly, part of my routine includes giving her a good brush. Because of her breed she sheds a lot of fur so I decided to incorporate this in the sketchbook as a medium, I stuck the fur down with sellotape so that it didn’t go everywhere. 

Because of COVID and the need not to leave my house I only go out on occasion and wanted to document my clothes I wear when out and about. On the right are my DM’s which are my go to shoes. 

I decided to go back to dinners and include actual images of my food, I normally take photos of the dinners that I think look the best! I love cooking and find it relaxing so at the moment I’m trying out Asian cuisine which I love, it’s so different to our English food but just as yummy! 

On the last page there is a drawing of a bath that I started but didn’t finish, I wanted to show that my sketchbook is a working progress and I will be adding new pages as the course goes on. 

To finish off my sketchbook I have added three different pouches. Within them are my drawings from exercise 1.2″.

Photos from the sketchbook:

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