Tutor Feedback for Part 2: Sketchbook as Object

My Tutor’s Feedback

I am going to use this sketchbook to develop my work from Part 2: Sketchbook as Object further. I am taking my tutors advice.

For my Assignment 2, I need to create more ideas so that I can have a wide variety to choose from when I am looking at which one I want to develop further.

Below you can see a photo of my sketchbook I will be using to show my developed work.

Further Development: Assignment 2: Happy Accidents (revisited):

As part of my tutors advice on what I could improve on, I decided to try creating my characters in different poses to see how the different positions can create different emotions and behaviours within the characters.

1 Alarm Clock Man

2 Top of Alarm Clock Man

3 Angry Scissor Man

4 Fashionista Radio Woman

My chosen character poses I am going to develop further:

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