Exercise 1: Reviewing your own work

For this exercise I have been asked to go through the artwork I have created throughout this Graphic Fiction course and pick out a selection of 6-10 panels to make up a ‘portfolio on a page’. I chose my selections based on how much I enjoyed the outcomes whether they be sketches or final designs. These are my selections:

Part 2:

Image 1 – Exercise 3: Character Sketches

Part 3:

Image 2 – Exercise 2: Introducing your character

Images 3 & 4 – Assignment 3: Nine-panel grid

Part 4:

Images 5 Exercise 1: True stories

Images 6 – Exercise 2: Creating a children’s comic character

Image 7 – Exercise 6: Documenting an event

Image 8 – Assignment 4: Cover versions

What I noticed after choosing my selections above is that most of the images are in monochrome. I didn’t realise until now how much I turned to using black and white in my illustrations. I think I have become prone to using black and white since I started using my graphics tablet/iPad more. I like to see how powerful I can make the images without the use of colour. The only image where I have used colour is the 6th image ‘Space Kid’ and this is because I wanted to show the dead skin of the character otherwise if I had used black and white the character might just look like an alien or something. I am quite happy with my selection here and proud of my outcomes. I think the images and bold and strong and are all unique in their own way.

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