Research Task 4.2: Case Study: Brandon J Wallace

For my research task I was asked to research the Graphic Novelist Brandon J Wallace from Baltimore, Maryland, US. He watches tv/movies and creates simply drawn but recognisable storyboards. He used to post his work on his Instagram but unfortunately when I went to research him on there his account had shut down, so I decided to try and find him on other social media platforms and found that he had a Twitter account: so I had a look and noticed that no storyboards were on there either, after 2 failures I tried his Tumblr and Website and annoying couldn’t find anything storyboard related either! So the only other thing I could do is focus on the 4 storyboard images in the course book.

I haven’t watched Star Wars (1st and 2nd Photo) but I have watched some of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Comedy Series) and Get Out (Horror/Thriller/Comedy/Suspense/Mystery) (yes there are a lot of genres with Get Out but the Writer/Director Jordan Peele explains it in the Rolling Stone – American Monthly Magazine:

I decided to focus on Get Out as it’s one of my favourite movies. For comparison, please watch the scene below called ‘Into the Sunken Place’ the scene that Brandon created for the storyboard.

I decided to re-watch the movie and look at Bradon’s storyboards, waiting for the scene that he illustrated to start. I really like the fact that when the character ‘Chris’ is being hypnotised the blue gets more and more intense as that was the colour of his bedroom with the rain on the windows as a child in his flashback and also the blue is the colour of the design on her teacup. I also like the fact that Brandon has created a ‘focus’ on his illustrations by blurring specific parts of each image, for instance the lowest/left image of ‘Chris” hands grabbing the edges of the armchair. The composition of his images are really interesting and very well done. His images are both quick sketches and intricate drawings. I really like his storyboards and wish I could have seen more of them.

Some interesting storyboard videos that I found on YouTube:

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