Part 4 – Feedback Notes

Following on from the chat with my tutor I have read through my formative feedback and highlighted specific points that are very important. Below are photos of my highlighted feedback form. From reading though my tutor feedback I have also printed off a ‘preparing for assessment’ document and the assessment criteria for my course. I re-made the assessment criteria as colours are very important to me and I struggled to understand what was written in the original.

I have looked into deadline dates and found these:

Date I have to submit my work to Melissa by: 7 Apr 2021

My course end date is: 20 April 2021.

My latest date for assessment application is: 30 April 2021.

The latest date the OCA can receive my work is: 31 May 2021.

Following my tutor feedback I have decided on the following for part 4:

  • For my Museum Poster project I will research into “what makes a a good poster?”.
  • For my tools and materials project I will physically explore more mark making techniques and ‘exploit the potential of a pencil’.
  • For my tools and materials project I will go into further detail when analysing artists work.
  • For my Museum Poster project I will gather visual research into what teenagers are visually attracted to, I will also develop my 3D hieroglyphics for the teenage age range for the British Museum Poster.
  • For Assignment 4 I will make it obvious what article I am illustrating. I will also create a mock-up design where my illustration will sit alongside the text.
  • I will expand (develop) 2 projects before assessment, the first one being Tools and Materials and the second one being Areas of Illustration – A Tattoo.