Research Task 3.0: Building a Tool Kit

Before I started the research tasks and exercises for Part 3 I decided to go through the coursebook, read it all and highlight all the important information. Below are photos of parts that I have cut out and stuck into my sketchbook from the coursebook. On the first and second pages, I have also decided to write my thoughts on Jo Davies illustrations and how I responded to the idea of going out to draw.

Sketchbook Page 1
Sketchbook Page 2
Close-up of my sketch on Page 2 – Me on my street in Meads Village, Eastbourne
Sketchbook Page 3

For my research task, I was asked to build a tool kit for when I go outside to draw in later exercises. Below are pages 4 and 5 of my sketchbook showing the items and materials I decided to add to my tool kit. I am going to take a loose, flexible bag so that I can fit in all my tools below without having to cram everything in.

Sketchbook Page 4 and 5
Sketchbook Page 4

I decided to draw little images showing how the tools could be used as an example.

Sketchbook Page 5

My quick/rough animation of what I will put in my bag when I go out to draw:

It’s very rough but I wanted to show what I was going to be adding to my tool kit in a different creative way so I decided on creating a stop motion animation. I created it by taking about 150 photos and using Apple iMovie to create the animation.

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