Exercise 4.0: Fill It Up – FAST!

For this exercise, I decided to focus on taking a trip down to the local tourist attractions near me and as I live in the small town of Meads, Eastbourne I chose to walk down the Beach Head route so I could focus on the Belle Tout and Beachy Head Lighthouses. I also know that if I drew whilst walking I’d see a lot of people and things that would interest me so, therefore, a lot of references/stimuli for me to draw from. My plan is to draw in a ‘continuous flow of the journey drawing everything that catches my eye. I am going to be taking photos along the way also as a way of photo reference.

My Trip Planning – (route):

Belle Tout Lighthouse: https://goo.gl/maps/g7EpfP3uNLHkCUrVA

Beachy Head Lighthouse: https://goo.gl/maps/5JebiSoCwfAB726eA

My Photos I took on the trip:

Sketchbook Pages:

A short video of me going through my sketches:


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