Exercise 5.3: Constructing a Visual Journal

For my final exercise, I will now assemble all that I have gathered into a homemade visual journal. I will use this journal to store all the exercises and activities that I make most enjoyed and the experiences that have been most important to me in this unit.

Planning out my journal:

  1. Exercises and Assignments I enjoyed
  2. My student quotes from the OCA questionnaires that I most empathise with now
  3. Materials and processes I feel connected with
  4. Words I empathise with
  5. Goals from Tutor
  6. My Action Plan
  7. My experimental collages from the last exercise (5.2)

My Visual Journal (video):

My dividers to show different parts of the journal:

My Visual Journal (images):

I really enjoyed this exercise, it was nice to look at what I had done and what exercises I enjoyed over the time on Illustration Sketchbooks. I decided to use an A5 sketchbooks from the ‘Pink Pig’ sketchbook company as I like the quality of the paper, it’s also created using recycled paper which makes it eco-friendly. I felt as though I did a good job making this sketchbook/visual journal as interesting as I could. I decided to make some pages interesting but cropping/cutting them down so that I could frame specific photos of my work. I was able to fill the whole sketchbook with my previous works but also future goals and other writing that I wrote in Exercise 5.1: Making an Action Plan – Visually.

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