Exercise 3.0: Observation – Topography, Where to Draw & What to Draw

For this exercise I will be working in a sequence, starting at one location and finishing at another. I chose for my journey to be a small one starting from the outside of the flat to the seafront.

Below I have drawn my route on a map. I live in a flat on Meads Street close to Tesco Express (where the blue dot is) and made my way down to the seafront through All Saints Park and down to Holywell Beach Huts (see in pink my route there) and I close a different route back home (see my route in blue back home). This route had a lot of different scenery and items including, buildings, bricks, trees, grass, sea, chalk etc. Even though it took me roughly half an hour to walk from my flat to the seafront and back I managed to sketch a lot of different scenes.

My sketches:

My sketches are of particularly interesting items and scenes I saw throughout my route.

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