Exercise 2.5: Drawing with Objects: A Journey Scrapbook

My Journey: Home (Meads Street) to Crow Link, Friston.


I decided to record my journey from home to Crow Link in Friston, East Sussex. I chose this location as it has meaning to me. There is a tree there which we scattered my grandad’s ashes under as he loved this location.

I wanted to take some photos documenting the journey that I took in my mum’s car. My Grandma, Mum and I all went there on this day. It’s nice to have been able to combine my study trip with a personal trip up to my grandad’s resting ground. I have separated the journey into parts.

Part 1: Getting in the car, the journey in the countryside and parking the car

Part 2: The walk up the the tree and what I saw around me

Part 3: The walk back to the car and what I saw around me (ft. my grandma admiring the view)

Photos that interested me the most:

You might have noticed that there is a little wooden owl placed in a hole in the tree. This was my grandpa’s. He loved owls and collected owl figures (which I have now). We placed the owl in the tree in 2017, the year he passed away and it’s really strange but the owl was sort of ‘absorbed’ into the tree… now NO-ONE can remove it! Not that I’m asking anyone to try, please don’t its my grandad’s! 🙂

My sketchbook drawings: I wanted to draw more but of course we chose a windy day! My sketchbook pages were flying around so I drew as much as I could!

Unfortunately because of the type of location I chose I was only able to pick up a small amount from the journey. Maybe if I had gone into town or shopping I would have picked up a receipt or coffee cup? I thought of taking home some sheep poop but my mum said no! haha 🙂

Incorporating found items into drawings: First image is a 2p I found on the walk so I thought I should create an image of me paying for the parking using the parking meter, the second image is created using some small vines I found on a tree, I thought I could use it to create the spindly legs of the daddy long legs I found in the field.

I really enjoyed this exercise as I was able to draw out in the open in the countryside. This meant I could completely relax without the embarrassment of being watched by people, for instance if I chose town instead for my location I’m sure I’d be stared at!

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