Exercise 4: Shoot a photo story

For my final exercise, I need to create a photographic narrative. My finished exercise will be a silent series of images that tell a narrative like a film storyboard. I will show my final comic panels using an A3 comic-style size story.

My narrative plan/script:

“Deep down I have this fear… a fear that one day a different me will knock on the front and we will both have to prove to my mum who the real ‘me’ is, for this, I have a test. I will remember the number of specific items in my room as a way of proving I am the real ‘me. I know there are 14 flags on the bunting hanging above my bed, and 12 origami cranes on strings above my dresser, I recount every night but what if I decide to miss a night? Will the different ‘me’ watch and know that there’s now a chance to take my place?”

The photos that I took:

My photos I have edited:

Showing my process on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator:

Designing my pages and my panels:

My final comic panels without balloons:

Adding my balloons:

My final design:


This exercise was really interesting. I found it really exciting that I was able to focus on photography for the first time in this unit. I was wondering for a few days what I wanted the topic for the exercise to be. I literally was laying down on my bed thinking of ideas yesterday and all of a sudden one popped in! What if I made a short comic story based on one of my fears? I do this stupid routine after having a bath, where I lay on my bed and relax, as I do I notice I am counting the flags on my bunding that hangs over my bed. I think I do this most nights without realising. Then I started thinking about how I could build this into a comic story and how the panels would look. Once I had made up my mind I knew this is what I was going to do. I wanted to show what I was focusing on by making the rest of each photo monochrome and only having the items that I was focusing on in colour to stand out. I think it turned out well and is a strange and unique idea that I am happy with. I wanted the story to have a spooky and threatening undertone and I think this has been achieved.

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