Exercise 2: Make a Mini-Comic

For this exercise, I need to make a mini-comic. It will be 16 pages long and the subject matter and style can be whatever I want it to be.

The process of making my mini-comic:

My mini-comic design process and idea-making:

Pages 1-16 thumbnail sketches:

Full A4 page of thumbnail sketches:

My final mini-comic designs before I add them to my mini comic:

Printing out my illustrated panels:

My final completed mini-comic:


This exercise was interesting as I was given full reign to come up with a short story and what the context was, as long as it fit within 16 panels of the mini-comic. Overall I am quite happy with the way it turned out, apart from the fact that I made a spelling error on the last page that I only noticed after finishing making the comic! It says Challege and I meant to write Challenge!

I am happy with the use of colours and the linework as well as shadows. As you can see throughout, I have written the same line ‘I have an appointment at 2:15pm’ this shows my thought process from the start of my day if I had an appointment. I wanted this mini-comic to explain what life is like dealing with agoraphobia and anxiety and the cycle it causes.

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