Graphic Fiction Introduction: Exercise 1: What do you want/need from the course unit?

What I want/What I need from the course:

  • To develop my understanding of graphic fiction.
  • To research into comic artists and find out interesting information about them.
  • To create and develop my own art style and develop characters.
  • To remember to use the Harvard referencing system for my research.
  • To create well developed stories/narratives.

What I’m bringing to the course unit:

  • A history of reading and watching comics/cartoons.
  • An interest in graphic fiction, I still read graphic novels.
  • The use of different mediums including digital mediums (graphics tablet).
  • A want to carry on in this direction career-wise.
  • An understanding of how to use WordPress for my learning log.
Me a few years back at The Cartoon Museum in London

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