Assignment 2


Researching fruit & veg supermarket illustrations:

I decided to research the artist: Emma Dibben
She illustrates the produce from the supermarket Waitrose. As this is a quality-driven supermarket chain with medium to high priced products I decided to see who the artist was who illustrates the fruit, veg and other products. As I was looking at the illustrations of the fruit and veg a little part of my brain thought “I swear I’ve seen these type of illustrations somewhere?” and then I remembered that in a previous project (creative thinking and problem solving exercise: a subjective drawing) Emma Dibben’s illustration appeared! (the pickled onion jar). I chose Emma Dibben as I find her illustrative style to be very appetising and organic.

Emma Dibben’s Website:

Below are a few illustrations in the style of Emma Dibben’s Waitrose fruit and vegetable illustrations shown on the previous page.
I enjoyed illustrating in this style as I thought it made the vegetables look very natural and organic. I used pencil for the sketches and then watercolour paints and a very thin brush for the colour of the vegetables.

My designs vs Emma Dibben’s designs:

My Fruit Displays for Summer & Autumn: