Assignment 3: Nine Panel Grid

For assignment three I have been asked to create a 9-panel comic page that brings some of the structures and conventions from the course so far together.

I need to pick one of the four titles below as a starting point to develop my story:

  • ‘City Story’
  • ‘On a Journey’
  • ‘A chance encounter’
  • ‘The Big Event’

I chose 4. ‘The Big Event’ because I already had a few ideas in my head whilst reading the title.

Next, I need to think up a basic storyline that fits my chosen title.

planning out ideas for my stories:

‘The Big Event’ could mean positive or negative events so I have listed both below for my ideas:

  • End of the world – Nuclear War, Volcano, Meteor, Apocolypse, etc.
  • Work – Stress, Burnout, Deadlines, Money, etc.
  • Pandemic – Covid-19, Illness, Zombies, etc.
  • Funeral
  • Work – A big meeting, Raise, Promotion, etc.
  • Celebrations – Wedding, Christening, Birthday, Graduation, etc.
  • Holidays – Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.
  • Birth of a child
  • Natural Wonders – Solar Eclipse, Aurora Borealis, Rainbow etc.

My Story section:

Next, I need to cut my story section up to fit in with the 9 panels (I will also be highlighting the different types of info, for instance i will highlight the dialogue orange etc):

My chosen text underneath each of the 9 panel:

Panels with coloured text

My thumbnail sketches with my cut-up story underneath each panel:

Full Comic Page

My final designs:

Final comic page design in panels:


I am really happy with how this assignment went, I spent a lot of time on it. I think my outcomes worked out really well, I’m glad I chose to create my final designs using just a monochrome palette apart from the red eye in the final panel. I think if I was to change anything it would be to add a more continuous use of shadows in each panel as some of them don’t have them. I think this outcome was probably the best one I have done whilst on the course so I am super happy 🙂

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