Assignment 4

For assignment 4 I have been asked to create an illustration for a magazine. Out of the topics including disaster, lost and discovery, I decided to focus on the topic of ‘disaster’ as I thought this would be relevant to the time we are living in. I decided to focus on the issue of COVID-19 as a form of ‘disaster’. Below I have shown 4 example images of each of the topics. I got the idea of COVID-19 from when I was researching the word ‘disaster’ on google images and saw the different types of disaster including natural disaster and man-made disaster. I include COVID-19 as a form of man-made disaster as it was a human who first transmitted the virus by eating a bat, snake or pangolin? (based on media evidence!) I have chosen a mask as my still life photo. I am working at A4 size and will firstly produce an objective drawing. I will then work with different materials. After, I will draw thumbnail designs to explore composition and format. I will then trace my design and make a tonal copy of it. I will be suggesting a narrative as I will take a photo of a used mask out on the street as this is what you normally see on a daily basis now sadly as a reminder of the pandemic. I will then create a line visual and finally produce my final artwork. 

The COVID-19 magazine article:


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My Photo:

My A4 Objective Drawing:

My thumbnail sketches:

My formatted image:

My tonal image:

My line visual:

My final design:

My mask illustration mock-up featuring the news article:

For assignment four I decided to base my magazine illustration on the topic of COVID-19 as I thought this would be relevant in today’s world. I had many different thoughts about how I could illustrate disaster/covid-19 including focusing on anti bacterial products as my object of choice or a mask? I decided to focus my design on a plain blue and white mask that everyone is wearing during this pandemic, I did this because these one use masks seem to be strayed around everywhere outside and it’s a constant reminder of what the whole globe is going through right now a.k.a. a disaster! I firstly decided to take a photo of a mask that I found outside on someone’s decking area, I found that this photo would be interesting as the lines in the background make you focus more on the pristine mask that has just been left by someone. I then created my A4 objective drawing of the mask and decking, as the lines were so bold I thought I could make this almost a textual background in comparison to the mask, next I thought my A4 objective drawing was too long for my final design so I decided to format it so that it was long and thin instead. I then created various thumbnail sketches from where I selected my formatted image but I also created another design where I focused on using a different type of material which was the actual outside of the blue mask. The next image shown is my tonal image for this I drew my design the way I want it to be but then I use pencil to try and create a 3-D effect to where the light was shining on the actual photo of the mask. I then created my line visual to show the exact way I would want the most positioned in the image. I then created my final design and decided to use colour to show the difference between the synthetic blue in the mask (an unnatural colour) and the brown decking ground under it. I think that this assignment worked out well but if I was going to change anything it would be to outline the final design of the drawing a bit neater and to colour in the design neater as well by using a graphics tablet.