Exercise 2: Introducing your Character

For exercise 2, I was asked to create a follow-up to one of my chosen opening scenes from the last exercise and expand the scene using narrative development in a four-panel tier below the first panel. I chose the opening scene from the film ‘Get Out’. I redrew the scene in black pen so I could add the darkness/night/shadows. Below is the scene that I drew in the last exercise.

Below is the five-panel comic script I created at A3 size. I drew the outline using a pencil first and then decided to use a Sharpie pen to make it bold.

This exercise is also about character development. As my chosen scene allows me to go in any direction with my character development I decided to choose quite a creative story/character. I wanted the story/character to have quite a big contrast with the ‘boring and silent’ opening scene. As it was already quite a dark scene I decided to use a black marker pen (pro-marker) for the background and shadows. I also wanted to keep my images in monochrome as I thought this would create quite an interesting set of images.

For my story, I decided to go with an extraterrestrial theme. I started the first panel by introducing the character, she is running away from a tractor beam from a UFO. In the second panel, the character is shown in more detail, in the third panel she is now hiding behind a tree that she spotted in the second panel as the tractor beam manifests an entity (just the outline is shown at this point, and in the final panel the character’s phone has started to ring, by this time the alien has manifested and the ringing of her phone has given away her location, what will happen next? I also decided to include a comic sound effect spiky cloud to show the intrusiveness of her phone ringing at the worst time.

For my final outcome, I used the pro-marker to make the image dark. I thought this would make the comic more sinister and unsettling but also give the set of images a more ‘comic-y’ vibe with the block colour.

Overall I am really happy with the way this comic well… start of the comic) turned out. I am happy that I decided to change the first (final) panel by removing the caharcetrs face as I feel this makes for a better image, it makes it more unsettling not knowing how she has reacted to her phone going off rather than the slightly comical face I drew in the original sketch, it looks like she’s just a found an embarrassing photo of herself on Facebook. I enjoyed creating my story and character. I spent a VERY long time colouring in with the marker pen (2 hours!!!) but I feel like, in the end, it was worth it! I think my favourite part are the very thin lines showing the outlines of the road, tree, and street lamps. I am also quite happy with my angles. If I was to improve anything it would be to spend a bit more time on the bushes and fence as I feel that it lets down the comic as a whole.

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