Research Task: Life Stories

For this research task, I was asked to research a few comics and books online as suggested by the workbook to get a better sense of the variety of subjects and stylistic approaches in educational comics.

Look & Learn

Chick Tracts

Government Issue: Comics for the People, 1940s-2000s

After researching and looking through these three comics I was interested in seeing the different styles and contexts and how they impacted me as the reader. I think out of the three comics above I liked the third one the best (Government Issue) as I enjoy the colour scheme, I like the use of red white and black and the use of shading is also great.

I have always found illustrated educational information to be helpful with learning, mostly at school. Unfortuately there was a limited supply of illustrated educational comics at my school but when my school did use them in lessons mostly in junior school I remember being able to recall the important information more easily than if I was to just reading black ink on white paper. I think this has something to do with me having a creative ‘right-sided’ brain!

I also decided to reseach other educational comics from a different source and found this helpful site with 7 educational comics for children.

I need to make some notes in my learning log of an area of interest in my life outside of comics that could be the subject of your comics, perhaps from my working life, hobbies, or leisure time.

Some ideas of subjects for educational comics in my life include:

  • My journey with mental health (anxiety and depression)
  • Mental wellbeing self help guide
  • Walks around Eastbourne and the seafront (with maps)
  • How to cook
  • My interest in photography

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