Research Task 3.1: A Reportage Case Study

For my research task, I was asked to research the American Illustrator Veronica Lawlor. She was the only illustrator who drew in New York as 9/11 was taking place. She drew so many reportage illustrations that she ended up creating a book.

Lawlor, V., 2009. September 11 2001. Vero Press.

Below I have attached some of the scenes that Veronica had illustrated. I like the fact that she rarely uses colour. There is a lot of movement in her drawings. You can see how quickly Veronica has drawn her illustrations. She hasn’t really thought about what she is going to do when putting the lines down she has just gone with it fluidly. The tones that she has used in her illustrations are great, she has only used pure black when needed for instance when there is a lot of smoke that needs to be drawn as seen below in Veronica’s ‘Chaos in the Streets’.

VL Chaos in the Streets – 9.11.01 – Veronica Lawlor
VL Police Officers – 9.11.01 – Veronica Lawlor

Her illustrations are very powerful and descriptive. I decided to recreate her illustrations by experimenting with different tools and materials including charcoal, thick black pens, and brown watercolour. I decided to recreate the images by looking outside my window and creating my own reportage illustrations, I then took some photos showing the places that I had drawn.

Sketchbook Page 6.
Close up of drawing of my balcony with houses behind. Materials: Black thick pen and brown watercolour.
Close up of drawing of my balcony with houses behind again, this time showing the illustration before adding the watercolour.
The photo I took of what I had drawn on Sketchbook Page 6.
Close up of drawing of my balcony with coach house. Materials: Charcoal.
Again the photo of what I had drawn on Sketchbook Page 6.

Then on the next page, I decided to copy certain aspects of her drawings to see what the outcomes would look like. I drew the parts of her illustrations I liked the most.

Sketchbook Page 7.
Close up of flag that I had copied from Veronica’s illustration. Materials: Charcoal.
Close up of parts of Veronica’s illustration of the Police Officers taping off the zone, again this is a copy. Materials: Charcoal.

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