Research Task: Comic submission guidelines

For this research task, I have been asked to look at the following comic publishers and look at their submission guidelines on the company’s websites and compare their requirements and specifications:

● Action Lab Comics:
● Aftershock Comics:
● Alterna Comics:
● Avatar Comics:
● Dark Horse Comics:
● Drawn & Quarterly:
● Fantagraphics Books:
● Image Comics:
● Iron Circus:
● Mad Magazine:
● Nobrow (UK):
● Titan Comics (UK):
● Toon Books:

Now I need to identify the companies producing the kind of comics I am interested in and write a 200-word summary of this type of visual and narrative content.

My 200-word summary:

Some of the guideline links didn’t work for me so I only researched the ones that worked. After looking through and reviewing these guidelines, the publishers that interested and intrigued me the most were the small companies that look for originality and fresh ideas. One thing that interested me was that only some companies allow for the artist to keep their copyright or ownership of the artwork and others where publishers own the artwork. I found it interesting that some guidelines offered the opportunity to create work for non-fiction and fiction comics. Non-fiction comics could be a version of reportage illustrations as a way of telling a real story. Also the amount of work involved with some of the guidelines really differs, some require the maximum information including a script and some require just the character design and layout of the design.

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