Research Task 3.3: Reporting and Documenting

My Chosen piece of reportage / documentary illustration from the Reportager: ‘Suddenly in 2020’ by José Louro

My Chosen Photo that I found on Google Images. A healthcare worker conducts a COVID-19 test at a walk-up location in Farragut Square in Washington, D.C., on Friday, September 3, 2021.

Covid immunity through infection or vaccination: Are they equal?

Image Comparison Q&A:

Q: What is each image expressing, describing or communicating?

A: José Louro’s illustration is expressing the orange safety zones in a supermarket and shows where you should be standing in the queue to keep 6 feet apart. He is communicating the safety measures that were put in place in 2020 during a wave of COVID-19.

A: The photograph shows a scene where a healthcare worker is having a COVID-19 test done in a walk-in test facility in Washington D.C, US. The image is expressing how clinical the scene is and how we are in the midst of a pandemic.

Q: Which image do you think is most memorable?

A: Personally the photograph is most memorable for me as the composition of the image is great. The image could easily become a painting. I find it memorable as well as the darkness of the image works with the context. You cannot see anyone smiling and the three people in the image look tired and fed up, of course this is because they are all working jobs in the medical field. I can image they are all so scared.

Q: Does one image seem more truthful and why?

A: For me both images seem truthful, this is because COVID-19 has become such a ‘normal’ situation in my life (as well as everyone’s) that having COVID-19 tests and staying behind lines in supermarkets is just part of daisy life now. The truth hurts.

Q: Which image would you be more likely to notice if it was in a magazine or newspaper and why?

A: I would be more likely to notice José Louro’s illustration if it was in a newspaper or magazine as you see so many photographs in newspapers and magazines these days that your eyes wouldn’t even be drawn to them, but for a very sketchy but well composed illustration to be in a newspaper or magazine, I would be intrigued and want to find out who drew it and why. The illustration seems as though it would be personal to everyone as everyone would have to stand behind a line in a shop at some point over the pandemic but not everyone has taken a COVID-19 test or takes one everyday now?

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