Assignment 1


My Introductory (greetings card) Illustration for my Tutor:

My outcome:

Written Part:

“Well hello there! My name is Tabitha White, I am 22 years old and from the coastal town of Eastbourne.

I have always had a love for illustrating and have done so since my mother first put a big red pencil in my hand at 6 months old… sounds like I’m making it up right? My mother has a memory of me watching things happening around the home and putting pencil to paper and creating shapes of the items that I was watching. My love of cartoons has never ceased either. I am 22 and pretty “grown up” now and what I mean by grown up is that I now work full-time at a medical practice and share the rent and other responsibilities with my mother. But even after a long day of “adulting” at work, there’s nothing I’d rather do than just binge watch SpongeBob or Steven Universe!

Jokes aside though, I do actually want to eventually work in the illustration industry after this course. I have always dreamt of doing a job that I actually ‘love’ doing. I hope that happens soon, and I’m sure I’ll have a chance with the help of this course!”.