Exercise 3.1: Understanding Viewpoints

I made the same route again this time but instead of sketching I took photos of interesting landmarks and scenery. I took ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ photos by focusing in and out on textures and different materials (micro) as well as road signs and lampposts (macro).

I have added my photos I took below, and I also put them into specific groups depending on the context of the photo.

Start (outside of my flats):

The outside of Downs Court, my flat

Road Signs:

Milnthorpe Road Sign
All Saints Walk (down to the beach)
Darley Road Sign

Roads (to show location):

Darley Road
Milnthorpe Road
Darley Road
All Saints Park Exit
King Edwards Parade
Chesterfield Road


Lamppost in All Saints Park
Lamp in car park of Downs Court
Downs Court carpark exit
Meads Street Bus Stop Sign
Another Lamp Post in All Saints Park
Number of lampposts in All Saints Park
All Saints Park again
And again…
King Edwards Parade crossing with lights
Close up of lamp on King Edwards Parade
Illuminated Road Sign
Someone’s Christmas decoration on King Edwards Parade
Illuminated Bollards on King Edwards Parade
Meads Bus turning around Chesterfield Road corner with lights on


Bricks outside my flat
Lamppost post with spiralised design
Material underneath exit of car park
Bricks on ground outside carpark
Close up of tree trunk that looks as though it is splitting open
Strange colours and patterns on tree trunk
Stones within a wall on Darley Road
Different stones (or maybe chalk or clay) within wall on Darley Road
Salts coming out of another wall on Darley Road (looks like ice or snow)
Concrete ground with crack that let nature appear
Bushes along seafront that had been cut in a line
Close up on interesting coloured leaves in the park
Chalk footpath leading to seafront
Grass in the park


Large tree outside Downs Court
Crossing on Darley Road
Pine trees along seafront
Benches in a line along the seafront

Interesting Finds:

Strange spray painted numbers on concrete slabs (pavement)
Blue gate along Darley Road
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee stone in All Saints Park
Fire line and Drainage System
Another spray paint sign
Dog Waste Bin in All Saints Park
A lock I found near the entrance of All Saints Park
A Merry Christmas flag I found on King Edwards Parade
Red Post Box on Chesterfield Road
Front Gate of All Saints Park
A drain on Darley Road
Someone’s Yamaha Motorbike parked outside Down’s Court
A pretty gate on Meads Street

End (the seafront):

Eastbourne Beach

Q: What is the relationship between the photos and the drawings you made in your sketchbook?

A: Both show the journey I took in detail. The sketches and photos both have a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures. I feel as though the atmosphere is the same in both mediums.

Q: Do you see the photographs as a form of reference to possibly help you inform your earlier sketches or do you consider them to be an alternate and separate form of visual language?

A: Both, I think the photos are a form of reference as I can look back at them and connect them with my sketches from the previous exercise but I also see them as a separate form of visual language because there are certain parts of each image a sketch cannot explain.

Q: Do they provide visual reference?

A: Yes, I think they do. The context of each image is clear to see. I could use these images in future to explain where I was on my route.

Q: Did the process of taking the photos make you want to return to any of your sketches and develop them in some way?

A: Yes, I decided to go back and develop a few of my sketches as having photos of what I had sketched earlier was great as I can refer to the photos and add in more detail.

As I took a lot of photos I decided to make some contact sheets to stick in my sketchbook. I made the contact sheets using Adobe Photoshop.

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