Exercise 2: Turning Pictures into Words

For exercise 2 I was asked to examine three cartoon comics and consider the visual information, style and subject of each image. Then I will chose one of the three comics and write a 100 word description of it.

Comic 1:

Subject: A cleaner mops the floor of a laboratory and stares at the tiny scientist exiting the inside of a large piece of machinery through a tiny door.

Medium: Black and white using possible watercolour and fine liner pen.

Comic 2:

Subject: A man stares at a piece of art in a gallery. He looks a mixture of surprised and intrigued.

Medium: Marker pen or fountain pen ink. Black and white.

Comic 3:

Subject: An insane eye doctor (optician) is about to kill the patient who sits in a chair. He is in the middle of reading out an eye test sheet, but instead of the usual letters that you would see on the sheet, there are words explaining what the insane eye doctor is about to do!


My chosen cartoon:

The style is linear. The illustration is in black and white. A man stares at an art piece displayed on the wall of a gallery. The man is wearing a hat and is carrying a walking stick on his arm. He has a slightly intrigued or surprised expression on his face. The art piece is a modern design, filled with numbers, circles and lines. Next to the art piece is a book displayed on a shelf, there is a sign above with the name ‘Lexikon’ in capital letters. There is an arrow pointing to the book from the sign.

Evaluation: I was able to describe the image in 99 words! I think I described it well enough for a cartoonist to draw.

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