Research Task: ‘The True Story of Leopold and Loeb’

For this research task, I had to read the following four-page story by comic artist Daniel Clowes and answer the following questions:

How does the style and narrative treat the real-life story? As funny, serious, or a combination of the two?

I think there is a combination of mostly serious and a bit of funny with the art style. The funny part is mostly in the art style not so much in the narrative.

How is the story structured? How does it begin and end, and from whose perspective is it told?

The story begins and goes straight into the plot, the story is told very fast and is easy to understand. It is told from the perspective of the reader.

How does the style and composition of the pictures affect the atmosphere of the story?

Its style and composition are almost like those of a superhero comic, for instance, ‘Watchman’. If you look at both comics and their composition you can see the number of panels are different, 6 in Leopold and Loeb and 9 in Watchman but they are both equal on the page.

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