Exercise 2.2: Investigating a Process

For this exercise I have been asked to create micro-studies and experiment with different mediums.

The materials I decided to use: Crayon, Pro-Markers, Acrylic Paint and Acrylic Artist’s Ink.

Below are 6 pages of experiments.

The first two pages are of micro-studies showing the different ways I can use a crayon and pro-marker to create a variety of different marks.

Next are 4 pages showing the different ways collage can be incorporated. All the collaged images were found inside various newspapers.

I find it fun to add a narrative to my art so the first page is of Venus having it’s COVID vaccine, this image is created by using just collaged newspaper.

The second page shows Jesus at a festival, I chose to incorporate Jesus into the image as he looks like he’s doing the same finger sign as the other festival people! This image is made up of collage mixed with black acrylic paint and silver plastic stars.

The third page shows Pride and in the foreground a man wearing an amazing Gay Flag outfit. I originally made the rainbow background using crayons but it didn’t seem special enough so I decided to think of how else I could use crayons, after some thought I decided to see what the outcome would look like if I were to melt them using a lighter. I found that really fun! 🙂

To protect the next page in my sketchbook I used a sheet of tracing paper so that the melted crayon didn’t smudge.

For my forth page I decided to again use a narrative. I wanted to show how I could incorporate collage, acrylic artist’s ink and black pro-markers. My outcome looks like a graphic political illustration from a newspaper. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I think all of my outcomes show how much I have experimented with using different mediums and I am really happy with the outcomes. I even left some mistakes intact that I would have originally gone mad at before. I think this shows that I have gotten better when it comes to using my sketchbook for everything as I have left the mistakes in. If you are wondering what the mistakes are: I forgot to rub out the pencil lines on the egg cup before I started painting on the last page (deviled egg) and when I melted the crayons some of the yellow went into the actual binding of the sketchbook so that is melted onto the metal circles that hold the book together and finally when I painted the yellow ink on the deviled egg page I accidentally dripped some of the ink on the edges of the pages of the sketchbook so not there’s a little splodge of yellow ink on every new page! AAAAAAHHH!!! Other than that I think it went well!

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