Exercise 5: Speaking in Pictures

For this exercise, I have been asked to pick one of my favourite songs, I won’t choose anything too epic and I will pick a song where the lyrics have an interesting range of action or colourful description.

I really struggled to find a song as I have so many favourites. My list of songs I had to choose from:

  • Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  • The Zutons – Confusion
  • The Smile – Pana-Vision
  • Squid – Pamphlets
  • Crumb – Locket

My chosen song is called: ‘Locket’ – By Crumb


First, I need to listen to one of my favourite songs and answer the following questions:

What mood does the song have?

The mood of the song is chill/calm. The genres are Rock, Indie rock, Jazz, Psychedelic rock, Dream pop, Neo-psychedelia, Alternative/Indie and Trip hop.

What colours can you imagine fit with the song and how might these change through the song?

I imagine the colours in a lava lamp. Mostly pink, blue and green.

What season is it set in?

Maybe Autumn/Winter?

Next, I needed to write out my chosen song’s lyrics:

I will read the lyrics and focus on where movement and sound might occur in the words.

I will highlight elements of visual imagery which inspire me within the text.

I also made thumbnails about what these could be next to the text.

My 6 panels:

I have created my plan for how I will break up the lyrics into comic panels, I chose three consecutive panels to draw as a silent comic, the pictures evoke a sense of sound, mood or movement that blend well with the lyrics. Below is my plan with the lyrics that connect with the imagery, I chose the second, forth and fifth panels for my final images:

Finally, I will draw my panels in finished form and then pick out a colour palette to colour all of my panels in full.

My colour palette I decided on were the colours that I saw when originally listening to the song, Pink, Blue and Green. Below are my final images:

Every time it rains I can feel my brain it’s moving back and forth, upside-down, east-west…
Need to clear my head and get out of the city, All alone in the jungle, you’ll find me…
So maybe someday this roof will cave in, you’ll find me on the floor, looking at the stars…

Evaluation: This exercise was really fun, I enjoyed finding one of my favourite songs and drawing the first image that came into my head for each verse of the song. I think if I were to adapt this exercise further I would maybe spend some time doing a psychedelic animation to go with the song.

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