Exercise 4: Adapting Text

For this exercise, I am to select a sequence of about three pages from a book I like. I decided to choose the book “House of Darkness House of Light” by Andrea Perron. It’s one of my favorite books. Andrea Perron was one of the children from the Perron family, the family who experienced the supernatural events featured in the horror film “The Conjuring”. I enjoy non-fiction books quite a bit and this one I thought would be great for this exercise. Below are photos of the Perron family, a photo of ‘The Conjruing’ film cover, and the cover of the book “House of Darkness, House of Light”.

I decided to find the book on Apple Books because I thought it would be better to have the pages clear by being digital rather than take photos of the pages in my book. Below is the sequence I chose, I chose it because I think this scene has an interesting array of storytelling:

Next, I had to mark up my chosen sequence so I can set a scene and think about what I need to draw panel by panel, I will break up the story into short descriptions to work from.

I decided on highlighting my sequence using different colours to code my text.

  • Yellow = Movements and descriptions of objects and backgrounds/foregrounds
  • Red = Dialogue
  • Green = Background information

I have now selected the wording I want to keep and add as text to the panels, I now need to create my thumbnail sketches to show how my panels/text will look.

Finally, I will create three pages of sketched panels with the text added.

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