Graphic Fiction Introduction: Exercise 4: Managing your Time

I have read through all of the exercises, projects and research tasks for all five parts of this unit and I was able to calculate the amount of time needed to complete each of them. I have laid out a plan/timescale on my Apple calendar to spend almost every Saturday and some Sundays as well as bank holidays completing this unit. I work full-time from Monday to Friday 8.30 until 5.00pm so I will be spending 8 hours each weekend completing this unit.

I have had a read through the full unit and all 5 parts and I have come up with my submission dates. They are:

Part 1: 24th August 2022

Part 2: 15th October 2022

Part 3: 18th December 2022

Part 4: 12th February 2022 

Part 5: 9th April 2022 

My course unit end date is: 20th April 2023

The Persistance of Memory – Salvador Dali

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