Exercise 5: Black & White and Colour

For this exercise, I was asked to draw an A3 pencil drawing. I chose to draw from a photo. I had to choose a photo where a lot was happening in it (a lot of details containing people, objects, and buildings). I looked through my past photos saved on my laptop and one stood out to me as being perfect for this exercise. It’s a photo of university students at Kingston Upon Thames looking at a couple of swans near the riverside. I chose this photo as I liked the composition and thought it would be a challenge.

The drawing of my chosen photo:

Next, I was asked to make three photocopies of my A3 drawing.

For the first photocopy I will use a fine liner pen to ink over the details:

For the second photocopy, I will use a brush and a bottle of ink to make a black and white finished drawing:

For the third and final photocopy, I will colour it in using marker pens:

Evaluation of how I found using the three implementation processes:

Did you prefer using a pen, a brush, or working in colour?

I preferred working in colour (marker pens in the third image), as I think it makes the image seem a lot more ‘alive’ plus when I looked at my photo for reference I enjoyed thinking about what colours I needed to use for the water, I’m really happy with how the reflected sky turned out as the white areas that I left blank without any colour turned out looking like reflected white clouds anyway.

Which of these implements was easier to control with no mistakes?

Definitely the fine liner pen (first image), as unlike with the ink and marker pens, the fine liner doesn’t seem to bleed as much so I found it much easier to control.

What effects could you achieve with colour that you couldn’t in black and white?

The colour of the sky, I feel as though if I had sketched the sky out using a pencil or fine liner, it wouldn’t be as easy to explain what it is I’m drawing as it is when colouring in the image.

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