Research Task: ‘The art of Comics’

For this research task, I have been asked to read the introduction to a book called ‘The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach’ 2012 by Aaron Meskin & Ray T Cook.

Now I need to write a short 200-word statement responding to some of the questions below:

● What are comics?
● What makes comics art?
● How do comics relate to other art forms?
● How does collaborative creation affect the nature of comics?
● What can we learn about comics from the practice of adaptation?
● How do images and text interact to produce content in comics?
● What different kinds of comics exist? How do these types differ?


Comics are an art form, some theorists might think that all comics are a work of art and others might think that just some are. Comics comprise of a significant category of art. Comics relate to other art forms like film, photography and music. I think personally that comics are similar to music, they can both communicate a lot, especially if you have a silent comic, your brain reads the story the same way as it does if you listen to classical music (for instance) without words. It can be very descriptive. Because of technological advances of this day and age, we have been able to create comics in a much faster way, including through the use of digital art on web comics etc.

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