Exercise 2: Action and Reaction

For my second exercise I have been asked to draw two boxes at 12x12cm for a 2 panel very short comic strip.

I had to think about illustrating an event where I can show a beginning and end of an event. The first picture will set the scene and the second picture will show the aftermath or consequence of the event.

I firstly drew the two panels as I thought staring at them would give me some ideas and inspire me.

I decided to go with the idea of a girl leaving home without her umbrella and coming back home soaking wet with rain whilst her umbrella sits in the same place.

I wanted the two panels to be the same so that I could show the before and after and the girl to be the only change in the image. The umbrella will sit in the same place.

I measured out the angles of the doorway and the lines where the umbrella is going to be.

Next I added the details of the event that I decided to illustrate, below you can now see the umbrella and the girl as well as the rain.

Then, I used a 0.2mm black fine liner to outline the illustrations.

Finally, I decided to use a pencil to shade in details including the rain and shadows as well as texture.

My Final Image:

I am really happy with my outcome for this exercise. I enjoyed thinking about what I was going to choose as my event. I originally thought of an idea where a determined girl is sitting in front of her laptop ready to work (me doing my university work comes to mind!) and the second image would show the the girl asleep with her head on the desk. I thought this one could be interesting as you wouldn’t completely know what has happened in the middle of the story, the girl could have worked herself to death or she could have given up and fallen asleep without doing any work! I might use this idea in a future exercise on this unit!

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