Exercise 4.1: Description And Depiction

For this exercise, I will consider how words play off against pictures. I will find an interesting place/scene in Eastbourne to complete this activity. I have to draw out four equally sized oblongs where I will be writing and drawing. For the first oblong I will be writing letter format descriptions of everything I see/feel/hear around me (senses), for the second oblong I will use the words in place of drawing (basically physcially writing out where I plan to draw items/objects in the next part), for the third oblong I will draw the scene simply using only pictures and for the final oblong I will create a balance between the scene creativety with words and pictures.

My chosen scene:

Soverign Harbour, Eastbourne – https://goo.gl/maps/6pwA6ucyUifUKNnV9

Photo of Soverign Harbour on Google Images
  1. Written part

2. Words in place of drawings part

3. Simple layout drawing part

4. Balance of words and pictures part

Without Wording:

With Wording:

All 4 parts together:

I think these four pieces worked out well as they are all quite detailed and descriptive. I really enjoyed this exercise because it made me think in a very different way than I normally would in regards to the creative process. Writing never really came to mind when drawing ideas or trying to figure out the composition of an illustration but I found it really helpful when drawing out this illustration so I will definitely build on this and use it as part of my creative process in the future projects.

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