Exercise 3: Create an artwork

For this exercise, I need to choose a drawing from one of my previous exercises. I chose an idea sketch from Exercise 2: Create a Children’s Comic Character – ‘Space Kid’.

My chosen sketch:

I now need to experiment with scaling it up and painting it with pens, paints, or ink.

This is an opportunity to use my own comic to make a more experimental, stand-alone artwork suitable for framing and hanging on a wall.

I chose this sketch as I thought it would be an interesting stand-alone piece and I could develop the sketch further.

My experiments:

I printed out my sketches and will design and experiment on A4 paper.

Creating my final design:

My final stand-alone design on A2:


My final design is in A2 size to make it more wall-worthy! As this sketch was already so strange I wanted to focus on how I could make it stranger! I decided to focus on psychedelic art styles to see how ‘trippy’ I could make this final artwork so that it could be a stand-alone piece on the wall. I focused on colours and linework. I finally decided to create a mock-up of my final design to show it on a wall.


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