Exercise 1: Drawing from History

For my first exercise I was asked to choose one of the artists from the previous research task and make a drawing based on their artwork. I used an A3 drawing pad. I decided to draw from one of my own photos, a photo of my balcony garden. The decided to make a drawing based on is Winsor McCay’s work in ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. I chose this artist’s work as I liked the art style: Detailed with the use of pastel colours. Below I have documented my creative process from start to finish.

The photo I drew from:

My Creative Process:

Firstly I drew out my lines to give a good sense of perspective.

Then I added the dominant shapes.

Next, I added the details of the plants and flowers.

Then I used a 0.2 fine liner pen to outline my drawing.

Here’s my drawing with the pencil sketches rubbed out.

Next I took a photo of my work and imported it onto my computer in order to complete the colouring digitally.

Here’s an example of when I started colouring in.

Here you can see all the green parts (leaves) I have coloured in.

Finally I added the other colours into the image of the soil, flowers, tomatoes and my shoes.

My Final Image:

I am quite happy with my final image. I was influenced by Winsor McCay’s ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’ so I decided to exaggerate some features of the photo like Winsor did in ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. The amount of flowers and plants have been extended to look huge but in reality they are quite small. If I was to add to my drawing, I would maybe add more detail and colour in the background behind the bars of my balcony to give a better sense of depth.

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