Exercise 4: Future Worlds

For this exercise, I was asked to choose one of the phrases below and take a day to create a large drawing with as much detail as possible. I will make the finished drawing on an A3 sheet of paper. The coursebook asks me to make my design as original as possible.

Set of key phrases that I need to choose from:
● Barbarian World
● Science City
● Lost Civilisation
● Alien Encounter

I chose ‘Alien Encounter’ as my key phrase to work from as I thought it would give the most interesting outcome. I originally thought about a number of ideas for ‘Alien Encounter’ like a world made of metal, a world where everything is upside down, a world where everything is made of cheese, etc… but I soon realised that most of the ideas I had come up with had been done already!

I thought about what I could do for a few days until I thought about ‘eyes’. What if everything was made of eyes? All-seeing eye world? I hadn’t seen that before and how I was interested in how it would turn out. I started off by drawing out a basic line layout of a landscape and then thought about how I could incorporate my ‘eyes’ into it so I made, eye mountains, eye clouds, eye planets, eye sun, eye river, eye plants, and eye inhabitants which were the ‘aliens’ that you ‘encountered’.

I decided on creating this piece using traditional mediums including pencil, fine liner, and coloured pencils as I wanted to give some variety to what I use for my final designs as I have been relying a lot on my iPad.

My Pencil Sketch:

My Fine-liner Work:

My Final Design With Colour:

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