Exercise 2.3: Blind Contour Drawing

For this exercise I was asked to create some blind contour drawings. I think this has been the most fun and amusing exercise yet! I liked having the complete creative freedom to stare at an image and draw what I saw without looking at the paper.

For my first blind contour drawing I chose an image of my legs and my converse (1st image). I started off by creating 3 semi-blind drawings (2nd image) and then I created 4 completely blind drawings (3rd image).

Below are my three semi-blind drawings. This is when you look continuously at both the photo and the paper and draw, so even though the below photos look as if I was completely blind… I just can’t draw shoes!

Below are my four blind drawings, now you can really see I did it without looking at the paper! I was quite impressed with the outcomes to be honest and I even prefer the last image, it’s very abstract but looks better then the original photo.

Next, I wanted to do another version of this exercise to see what the outcomes would look like if I drew a face instead of some legs so I chose a photo of myself and then followed the same process.

Below are my three semi-blind drawings, I found this exercise really interesting as I have Prosopagnosia also known as face blindness so seeing if I could draw myself (something I have always struggled with) was really fascinating. My three drawings are so bad below but I’m not surprised considering my diagnosis!

Below are my four blind drawings, I like these images more than the above drawings. They are so mad and quirky. I find it odd how even though my eyes were focusing ONLY on the photo I have still managed to put the facial features together in each image but as the course book explains, blind contour drawing is all about eye-hand coordination.

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