Exercise 4: Filling a Page

For this exercise, I was asked to visually document a place I know well and incorporate the illustrations into my 8-panel A3 page that I created in the previous exercise.

I decided to choose my local convenience store, Tesco Express in Meads, Eastbourne. I chose it because I visit this store very often. It’s very convenient for me as I live above it in a flat! 😀

I was asked to visualise the place in my mind and begin to walk around it in my head. I found this quite easy as I was just there yesterday!

I started by drawing the outside of the store and then drew each stage of walking around the store until I end up at the exit. I drew it in pencil first and then added a fine liner in 0.2 size to outline and make the lines bolder.

My Final 8-Panel Design:

I am happy with how my final design turned out. I decided to not colour in the design as I thought it would make it messy and the number of different colours would look ugly as there would be so many different objects to colour in. When drawing the many different objects I started off motivated but halfway through my hand started really hurting! But I was already adamant that I needed to include the same amount of detail from the first image to the last.

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