Assignment Two: Exploring Time & Place – ‘Four Seasons in One Page’

Following on from the previous research task I will be creating a four-panel illustration that depicts the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter).

I will divide an A3 page into 4 equal-sized landscape panels:

Now I will draw an image of a place of my choosing and trace the image into the three other panels:

Now I will draw in detail and colour in, each of my four panels as if it is set in the four seasons:

My final 4 panels:

I found this assignment hard but fun to do. I had to really think about what I wanted to use for my scene and when I decided on an alien forest I was happy with my decision. I knew I could use a lot of different and interesting colours to show the changes in the seasons and how they are different but similar to the seasons on Earth. I wanted to show the seasons by showing plants growing and then dying and that cycle of life.

If I was to change anything it would be to maybe make the images even more detailed and add a few more elements, maybe add some aliens or show the sky through the forest to explain even more that we are looking at an alien landscape.

Now I will answer the questions below:

What were the hardest textures or effects to achieve?

I found the snow was the hardest texture (or lack of it) to create as I found it very simple in comparison to my three other panels.

How did you achieve the effects of night or day?

3 out of 4 of the scenes I drew are set in the daytime and 1 scene is at night. I achieved the effect of daytime by making the foreground lighter than the background (so the trees in the foreground are lighter than the background of the forest). I wanted to capture the lack of colour and the shining light of the moon on the snow in the winter panel.

Did you use tiny blobs of white paint to draw snowflakes, or scratch into black ink to create the effect of rain?

I used small blobs of Tipp-Ex to create the show falling in the winter image, I liked the way the Tipp-Ex.

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