Exercise 3: Create a Superhero

For this exercise, I have been asked to create my own superhero. My character could be my own creation, someone in my family, someone I know, or a celebrity or politician transformed into a costumed character.

First I wanted to research one well-known superhero and one less-known superhero to give me a better understanding of the diversity of superheroes:

Well-known superheroes:


Less-known superheroes:

Too Much Coffee Man:

Model Sheets:

I found a handy website that focuses on 2D traditional animation and model sheets, all the model sheets were separated by different shows/movies they belong to. I chose Spongebob Squarepants, see the model sheets below, I used the style below as inspiration of how I am going to lay out my model sheet:

Character idea and sketches:

My model sheet showing my character’s physical appearance, costume, and powers:

My cover sketch for the first issue of the character’s own comic book (process):

My final cover sketch:


For this exercise I thought about how I could create a new and interesting superhero, I decided on how I could connect the superhero idea with myself. I thought about Anxiety and Depression and what my superhero is, for that is it serotonin.

For my cover sketch I wanted to show an interesting and different front cover, although it hasn’t been fully developed (which was the plan as it’s supposed to be a sketch) I am happy with the way it turned out.






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