Assignment Four: Cover Versions

For assignment 4 I will create the cover to a comic book, the cover will be from a fictional comic book of my own invention. It could be called ‘My Comic Book’ or ‘Assignment 4’ or anything I want to name it.

The aim of the assignment is to suggest the content of the comic book.

The generally accepted visual hierarchy of most comic book covers:

  • A logo or title
  • A main image
  • Secondary images
  • Captions or ‘blurbs’
  • Speech balloons or sound effects

For my finished cover I could add some or all of the above.

Idea brainstorming what my comic is about:

My Chosen Idea: I am going to base my comic cover on the life story comic idea of dealing with mental health problems like depression and anxiety and the problems you face. This image will depict me as the main character.

Title ideas:

  • I’M NOT OK

My chosen title: THINGS AREN’T GOOD

Thumbnail with title location for the cover:

Thumbnail with title added to location for the cover:

Initial sketch ideas with title added:

My chosen initial idea:

My final design:

I now need to my original comic book cover drawing 37cm high x 24cm wide, I then need to photocopy down my image to 70%. Now I have the image the size of a standard American comic book.

I made a mock up design using Adobe Photoshop to show my cover on a comic book:

I am very happy with the way this turned out. I think this cover shows a lot of what is involved in the comic. The use of monochrome shows the black and white depressed mood of the overall comic and the image of the main character in bed with the moonlight coming in shows the insomnia that character experiences. The title explains literally that “Things Aren’t Good”.


I enjoyed this part of the course but enjoyed part 1 and 3 more, I think this is because I liked the outcomes of the exercises and assignments more as my illustrations were strong. I think if I was the pick some selections from my work on this part I would choose Exercise 1: True Stories, Exercise 2: Space Kid and Exercise 6: Documenting an Event as they have the best illustration outcomes.

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